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Frequently asked questions

  • Does the water cool down when I soak for a long time?

    The water jet option includes an inline heater to maintain a comfortable temperature.


  • Where are Safety Bath walk-in tubs made?

    All Safety Bath products are manufactured or assembled in Lethbridge, Alberta.

  • What is the fill time?

    Our valve has 18-gallon or 81-litre per minute flow. At full flow it will take 2 to 4 minutes to fill.

  • How long will it take to install the walk-in tub?

    The most common time frame for a simple install is one or two days.

  • The door opens the wrong way for my use.

    All models are available with doors that open to the left or right side.

  • How long has safety bath been around?

    Safety Bath is a pioneer and was founded in Ituna,

    Saskatchewan in 1992.

  • Why does your door system look so safe and secure?

    The aluminum door and frame assembly are a patented door system technology.

  • I really enjoy having a shower now and then.

    Most of our walk-in tub models are available with a matching shower/wall surround.

  • How fast does the tub drain?

    Our properly plumbed 2-inch drain will drain the tub in about two minutes.

  • What is the door seal warranty?

    All our door seals have a lifetime warranty.

  • Do you offer financing?

    Yes we have a consumer installment finance program offering very competitive rates.

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